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Learn rune reading, tarot, take quiz and get your personal rune every day!

learn about the elder futhark runes

We provide you with full information on the meaning of each rune.

Get the description for each rune and learn how to read and write runes of the elder futhark alphabet in this app!

elder futhark runes
rune reading and tarot

Runic reading

This tool for rune reading will help you find answers to your most secret questions. Embark and let yourself be guided on a spiritual journey

The meaning and readings of the runes will bring you guidance and answers to your questions.

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take a quiz

Take the quiz game to learn and practice your knowledge fun and easy way!

The practice appears to enhance memory, possibly even more than studying.

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birth rune

Rune of birth

Find out your personalized rune based on your date of birth.

Knowledge of your birthday rune will let you understand your personality even better!

Get your personal rune of the day

Starting each day with personal rune prediction is a terrific way to get excited about all the possibilities—and avoid possible pitfalls.

Get your personal rune of the day and obtain insight for the day ahead!

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rune reading and journal

fill up your rune journal

Journal is a great way to follow your daily runes, keep notes about new runes you have learned, or any information you don’t want to lose!